Christian Aid Week 2015 10th-16th May

Loki’s Story

The theme for this year’s fundraising campaign focuses on the stories of Luka, a 29 Mother of three and Adi a 46 year old mother of 8; Both Women life in remote corner Ethiopia. Through the work of Christian Aids Partner, HUNDEE a grassroots non government development initiative, Adi was given a cow and Luko dreams of the day when she might also have a cow which will allow her not only to provide valuable nutrition she will also be able to sell some the butter to make some cash much needed income

prayer from Ethiopia:
Dear God,
let your hand rest upon your people of Ethiopia,
widows and orphans, aged and children, strangers and wanderers.
And join us also with them, protect and strengthen us,
from all evil works keep us apart, and in all good works unite us.
You are life for our souls.
You are the life of the world.


Author: Neil Eldridge

I have been involved in WordPress based websites under the Windermere Centre ichurch program for some 10 years and have been helping your Webmaster David Wiggs informally for a the last few years. it is great to be able to share this expertaince in a more fromal role as I help David manage your site and the ministry of Purley United Reformed Church though the website. I have an interests in Storytelling, Scuba diving and cycling as well as IT.

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