As you will see below, our current session, which started

on 26 April, continues to cover a wide range of topics,

and finishes with afternoon tea, always a very enjoyable

event. This year we are again indebted to Barbara and

Neil for offering to host this and enable us to enjoy their


For a variety of reasons our membership is at its lowest

and to enable us to enjoy and reimburse the high

standard of the speakers we invite we would welcome

new members. It has been quite disappointing to have

to apologise for a small audience especially when the

topics are so well prepared and presented.

The meetings start at 2.45 pm on the 2nd and 4th

Wednesdays in the month. We are not an exclusive

church group and invite men or women to come and join

us to enjoy, not only an interesting and informative

afternoon, but fellowship and chat over a cup of tea and

a biscuit.


10 May; Steve Hunt: The Food Hub (please bring a tin)

24 May; AGM followed by Revd Daphne Topple: Devotional “Whit Sunday and Pentecost”

14 June; Revd Roger Hoath: Interviews with the famous

28 June; Lyn Kilpatrick: The Bayeux Tapestry and Stitch

12 July; Afternoon Tea at Barbara and Neil’s home

Many thanks, Sheila Smith

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