Unlock Walk – 24th April 2016

Padlocks on a wire fenceRegular readers will be used to seeing a note from Martin and Jane about the annual UNLOCK Walk. Unfortunately, they can’t go this year, so Irmina and I have inherited the responsibility of gathering a group of enthusiastic walkers for Saturday 24th April.  If you would like to join us (and why wouldn’t you?) please let Irmina or I know so that we can include you in our travel plans.

Of course, the whole point is to raise money to support UNLOCK, which enables and encourages groups in inner city areas that would otherwise struggle to survive. So we’re hoping you’ll support us as generously as you have always supported Martin and Jane. To avoid our embarrassment over having to beg, please take the initiative and ask one of us for the Sponsor Form – but hurry before we run out of space!

Many thanks,  Roger.

Roger Clugston

Author: Neil Eldridge

I have been involved in WordPress based websites under the Windermere Centre ichurch program for some 10 years and have been helping your Webmaster David Wiggs informally for a the last few years. it is great to be able to share this expertaince in a more fromal role as I help David manage your site and the ministry of Purley United Reformed Church though the website. I have an interests in Storytelling, Scuba diving and cycling as well as IT.

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