Hartford USA

This year we are looking forward to meeting our Partnership friends in Hartford.

Author: David Wiggs

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One comment on “Hartford USA

  1. Hi i would just like to leave some feed back. I recently fell on hard times my benefit was stopped as i have an appeal pending. I heard about the food hub on line so decided to ask for help ( via the job centre) …. At job centre plus i was made to feel degraded and told not to come back for a year?? How do i know how my situation will change ? How do i know this.. Its hard asking for help and i feel i cannot ask again…. About the Purley food hub? I was amazed how the helpers there made me feel welcome they are truly lovely people they had a lot of empathy and i felt at ease as soon as i went through the door. I cant remember the lady that helped me and filled the form with me …. But if possible can you give her this message and thank her deeply she was truly lovely as you all where… If i can help with the purley food hub in anyway i can please don’t hesitate to contact me via my Email ….it makes me feel humble to know there are people in this world that care… Myself and children thank you from our hearts.. We had a nice dinner last night …. Than you to all thats involved in this charity truly amazed by the generosity. And kindness .. Miss J Mckenna …