About Christian Aid

CA-RED-RGBFor more than 70 years, Christian Aid has fought poverty, strengthened the poor, and turned hope into action.
Each year at Easter, Christian Aid week, Harvest and Christmas, ‘Christian Aid’ through its appeals seeks to raise the awareness of needs of so many.
The United Reformed Church has a special relationship with Christian Aid through the, ‘Commitment for Life’ program, projects in India, Brazil, Palestine, Zimbabwe are supported.

Established in the aftermath of the second world war as a response from the Christian Churches in Britain to the humanitarian crisis following the conflict, of refuges and devastated infrastructure in Europe, to help all people no matter what faith, or any.

By the 1960s’ the name ‘Christian Aid was adopted and the charity was now operating on a global stage, and on 1964 the annual level of giving reached £2.5 million. Since then the charity have been key partners in the famines in Pakistan, Ethiopia and the Sudan in the 1970’s as well as the Vietnam war. On the 1980’s We provided support in many countries, including Lebanon, Mozambique and Ethiopia and was key if setting up the Southern Africa Coalition, which brought together trade unions, church groups and others to press the British government to help end apartheid. The 1990s saw the emergence of, ‘Drop the Debt’ and the ‘Jubilee 2,000’ campaign.

With threats of climate change and more recent devastation such as the Tsunami or 2007 and the recent Ibola epidemic and with an annual income in excess of £86.5 million they now work with more than 650 overseas partners in around 50 countries. We are putting into practice our aim of turning hope into action.

But 60 years on from our founding, the fact that we’re still here is not a victory.

The world isn’t getting any fairer. Children in Gaza are going to schools pockmarked with bullet holes. Parents are selling their daughters in marriage to earn the money so the family can survive a drought in Afghanistan. Life expectancy for women in Zimbabwe is now 34 years old – it was 65 just a decade ago. The income of some multinational companies exceeds that of entire countries.