17. Internationale Partnerschaftskonferenz in Dessau 25.Juli – 02.August 2020 (17th International Partnership Conference in Dessau)

Nehmen und Geben    Take and give     Vzít a dá    Leben in Balance

Life in balance     Život v rovnováze

Dear sisters and brothers in Hartford, Ostrava, Purley and Speyer We cordially invite you to the 17th International Partnership conference in the Petrusgemeinde. As we journey through our times, our life is shaped by give and take. To begin with, our whole life is a gift.  And we are blessed and should be a blessing to others.  Something is expected of us as Christians.

As Christians we are on a journey together, in our congregations, not on our own.  And we do not find our way laboriously, but rather we follow in succession.  Jesus Christ has already forged the way for us.

Our life is played out within a series of tensions.  Between living life in community and being alone just as much as in the tension between taking and giving.  We try to balance out these tensions.  And ultimately we ask ourselves what are worthwhile goals, what will continue?  To summarise briefly: as those who have been blessed, we are on a journey, and want our efforts to bear fruit.

So we want to consult the Bible, the document of our faith, as well as one another.  We hope that the various experiences that we have had as Christians in different places in this world will take us forward and strengthen us mutually.  In doing so, we hope that we shall experience ourselves as being a pilgrim people.

The theme will be developed in three phases through talks and conversations.

1    Segen empfangen / receiving blessing – Gen. 12, 1-3; Galatians 3,6-14

2    Unterwegs sein / being on a journey – John 10,27-30; John 15,16; John16,12-13

3    Frucht bringen / bearing fruit – John 15,5. Christ says: ‘I am the vine, and you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without me.’

We look forward to having 15 participants from each congregation plus children and young people.

An interesting programme of talks, discussions and excursions is being prepared.  Children and young people between 10 and 18 maximum will have their own programme.   Younger children can be looked after.

With warm greetings
Udo Stork Ulrike Herrman


Author: Contributor

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