Recycling Corner at PURC

There is a collecting box in the Foyer for used postage stamps. These are sold to raise money for LEPRA, a charity helping to beat leprosy, by finding, diagnosing and rehabilitating those affected by leprosy, by pushing for early detection and by reducing the stigma of the disease.

From LEPRA STAMPS Newsletter December 2018

Dear Friends

Thank you for your support for LEPRA over the past year. The amount raised from the sales of stamps and postcards in 2018 was £1513.17

Remember any stamps can be sold. The more unusual ones are purchased by our regular collectors. Here we have well over 100 albums with stamps individually priced covering almost every country and territory in the world.

The common stamps are sorted into categories and then the boxes of bulk material are sold to our dealer.

Postcards as well as some stamps are sold on eBay – the online auction site. The cards can be used or unused and can be of any subject. Cards of the time of King Edward VII, views or greetings and those featuring Mabel Lucy Atwell or Bonzo are particularly popular.

When trimming the stamps be careful not to cut into the design or the perforations. This is particularly important for the recent issues where the design overlaps the perforations and for the ‘Post & Go’ labels which should include the writing as well as the picture.

With your help we will beat this year’s total so please keep collecting and sending your contributions.

LEPRA STAMPS Newsletter December 2018


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