Church Grounds – update – December 2016

Church Grounds


The grounds are open and cars can now park in the church parking areas. There are a few items that need completion. Please note the following:


We are having to make adjustments to the timing of the bollards which may require them being down at times.

Parking Bays:  

The majority of the bays have been marked out.

There will now be two bays for those with blue  disability badges. These will be at the front area of the church where we previously had a single disability bay and two standard bays.

Speed Bumps:  

There are two speed bumps down the hospital side of the church’s driveway. One is located at the base of the slope and the second near the area of the flower room.

Please note these are designed to ensure the speed of cars is reduced to a maximum of 5 miles per hour. They are there for safety  reasons to protect anyone walking along that side of the building. Warning signs are due to go up shortly. Please take care when approaching these speed bumps.

No Parking Areas:  

Please note that the areas in front of the entrances to the Tower and the Book Fair are No Parking areas. These are emergency fire exit doors.

On behalf of the group working on the project I would like to thank everyone for their patience during the lengthy period it has taken to bring the plans and drawing to fruition. I believe the result does contain the wow factor we were looking to achieve.

John Denison





John Denison

Author: John Denison

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