Commitment for Life – December 2016 Stories for Change


Partner update

Christian Aid partner in El Salvador, the Salvadoran Ecology Unit (Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña – UNES), together with environmental organisations, indigenous peoples and organised communities who all form part of the Mesoamerican Campaign for Climate Justice in El Salvador handed a proposal for a bill on Climate Change to the Legislative Assembly.

The bill is the result of a participative process which involved broad consultation with some 2,000 people over a two-year period, in addition to meetings with the Legislative Assembly and other government departments.

The main objective of the Climate Change bill is to generate the necessary instruments so that the country can face the climate challenge through diverse policies and legal frameworks. This bill has been developed within the context of a socio-environmental and climate crisis which affects the country’s most vulnerable communities and most aspects of their livelihoods, mainly linked to water and food security.

Partner, Congcoop, played a pivotal role in Guatemala’s annual Citizen Health Forum last month. Alongside other civil society organisations, Congcoop highlighted the growing need to invest in Guatemala’s hospitals and medical centres and increase public expenditure to health. Their campaign followed the Ministry of Health’s decision to cut the national health budget by USD 13 million.



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