Commitment for Life – Moving Stories – Central America – July 2019

Moving Stories – July 2019

“Food doesn’t grow here anymore”

Ana Jorge Jorge lives in west Guatemala in the hillside village of Canquintic, near the town of Nentón. Constant drought has devastated her community. “Food doesn’t grow here anymore,” she said. “That’s why I would send my son north.”

Her husband borrowed thousands to migrate north to the United States. He found work cutting flowers but then caught an infection and died. He left behind his hungry family.

Two of their sons, aged 7 and 14, soon died through malnutrition-related illnesses. Ana was forced to pull her son Juan out of school in the second grade. He had to work in the fields to help pay off the debt.

Another Guatemalan, Julio Mateo Mateo, 42, also sent his children to the US. “There’s no rain. There’s nothing for us here.”

The evidence is very clear that aid programmes are effective in enabling small farmers to deal with some of the worst effects of climate disruption. The US policy of cutting aid to Central America simply exacerbates migration, while US carbon emissions continue to worsen the suffering of farmers in the global south.

Commitment for Life, in partnership with Christian Aid, works in four countries in Central America –, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

We work with around 30 partner organisations. These range from community-based groups to larger organisations operating across the region and beyond.

Partners include indigenous communities, small farmers’ associations, development organisations, research institutions and faith-based organisations.

Please continue to pray for and advocate for these poorer countries. Let us work towards an economy of life that brings fullness of life to all.

Commitment for Life is the Global Justice Programme of the United Reformed Church, UK Revd Dr Kevin Snyman at Church House 020 7916 2020 ext. 256 or Suzanne Pearson (Tues or Wed) 020 7916 2020 ext. 224 Website FB: @comm4life Twitter: @Comm4Life1 

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