Commitment for Life – Stories for Change – Central America

Ana Lidia Benítez,
Tiolinda Nolasco and Vilma Nohemí Agueta Vigil

Ana Lidia Benítez, Tiolinda Nolasco and Vilma Nohemí Agueta Vigil  have been involved with ISD- Iniciativa Social Para La   Democracia since 2018.

Ana explains, “I have been working since 2008 with other groups and a lot of their training is very wordy. ISD give practical training.  They also help with transportation and food which means that those who do not have much can attend. In San Fernando we have been working with the women’s committee in the municipality. Originally, we had US $8000 for women’s work but now, with our advocacy, we have managed to get an increase of US $2000 and have developed a work plan. ISD is making us more vigilant about spending. We have discovered that there is no information office and we got this reinstated. Not being able to get information means work will not happen. They now know they have the right to ask for information. We don’t have time to tell you about everything we have achieved. One day is not enough to tell you how we have grown.”


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