Daily Devotion 25th November 2018

O God, why have you cast us off for ever?
Why rage against the sheep within your fold?
Do not forget the people whom you purchased,
the heritage which you redeemed of old.

Remember where you dwelt upon Mount Zion,
and turn your steps towards these ruined walls—
All this destruction which the foe in malice
has perpetrated on your sacred halls.

Your enemies have roared in your assembly;
their standards fly victorious in the breeze.
Their fury was like woodmen wielding axes
to cut through undergrowth between the trees.

They smashed to pieces all the fretted woodwork—
with axe and hatchet every panelled frame.
They burned your holy sanctuary to ashes,
and made unclean the place where dwells your Name.

Their thought was, “We will utterly destroy them!”
They burned each place of worship in the land.
We see no miracles; there are no prophets,
and no one knows when all these things will end.

The editors of Sing Psalms recommend the tune Kildonan for this.  You can hear a Free Church congregation sing Psalm 12 to the tune Kildonan here.
David Wiggs

Author: David Wiggs

I am the webmaster for Purley United Reformed Church and have been involved with the church since my late teens. I work in Croydon and live in Caterham.

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