Gift Service – 7th December 2014

Gift Service 7th December 2014

Toys this year from our Gift Service will be donated to the Social Workers in Croydon Council who are working with children in need. The Social Workers will each choose toys from our donations suitable for the children in their care. These toys must be new gifts for children from 0 to 17 of both sexes. We do not need gifts for parents, therefore, more toys! The Social Workers are very grateful to have this offer of toys from us so I am hoping for your usual very generous response. I will be taking the toys to them on 8th December to allow time for distribution.

Any questions, please contract me. Thank you. Jill Denison

To contract Jill please complete our contact form:

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David Wiggs

Author: David Wiggs

I am the webmaster for Purley United Reformed Church and have been involved with the church since my late teens. I work in Croydon and live in Caterham.

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