Organisation of Purley United Reformed Church

The way we organise ourselves;

Church and Elders Meetings

Church Meeting

The congregation’s decision-making body, normally chaired by one of the ministers. It is open to the whole congregation, and all are encouraged to contribute to discussions, but only church members have the right and responsibility to vote. Meets 6 times a year, normally after morning service the 4th Sunday of alternate months. Details of meetings including agendas and minutes are in the Foyer and dates are announced in Folkweave. There is also an Annual General Meeting which takes place in June.

Elders’ Meeting

The Elders’ meeting is responsible for Worship and pastoral care and oversees the running of the church, meeting on the 2nd Thursday evening of every month except August. It consists of the Ministers, one of which normally chairs the meeting, the Church Secretary, and 9 Elders elected by the church AGM for a term of 5 years, 2 normally being elected each year. Purley United Reformed Church is a registered charity and those on the Elders meeting are the trustees.

Elders when first elected are ordained and inducted at a Sunday morning service, normally a Communion Service. They are Elders for life. At any one time some of these will be serving Elders, who are members of the Elders’ Meeting. Those who have completed their term on the Elders’ Meeting are non-serving Elders. They retain their responsibility for duties such as pastoral care and serving Communion, and may be re-elected as Serving Elders.

Church Committees

Church Committees: (we are currently looking at our Committees terms of reference and the following ‘mission statements’ are subject to change – this also includes our Elders Meeting).

The following committees meet several times a year and include people drawn from across the church fellowship. Some are on a committee to represent ‘the view from the pew’, some as part of another role they perform at PURC, some because they have a special area of expertise, some to take minutes of meetings. If you are especially interested in the work of a particular committee, speak to its convener.

Finance and Stewardship Committee

This committee oversees all to do with PURC’s finances. Members include the Treasurers, the Gift Aid and Donations Secretary, the Minister and the Church Secretary’s representative.


Church Treasurer: Martin Day

Assistant Treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary: Judith Johnson

Outreach and Communications Committee

This committee oversees the internal and external communications of PURC, such as notice boards, signage, publications, and website. Creates and develops the church’s links with the local community, with other people who have use of PURC’s premises, and with the local media.

Convener: Vacancy

Church Magazine Editor:

Webmaster: David Wiggs

World Church Partnership Committee

Convener: Felicity Harris

This committee oversees PURC’s five-way links with local Reformed churches in the Czech Republic (Ostrava), Germany (Dessau and Speyer), the USA, (Hartford, Connecticut), and Belfast. The Partnership aims to encourage and inspire the congregation to maintain an open and outward-looking stance towards this particular international Christian fellowship, and by extension towards Christians in all parts of the world.

International Partnership Churches Declaration – Image: David Wiggs

Posted – 01 January 2021

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