Each monthly a team puts together and produces ‘Refections’ with contributions from Church Members, Friends of the church and many others. Special thanks to Heather, who is the Editor and main creative driving force behind the publication which has been rolling off the presses for many years and is just as relevant today as it was with the first issue.

Contributions to the magazine come from many different sources and reflect the life of the church and the wider community. You will find personal reflections, reviews of events, reports, there is humour, puzzles and general information about church activities which may be of interest.

A big thanks is given to all those who contribute each month to Reflections without which the publication would not exist.

Reflections – our monthly magazine

Heather Park

Magazine Editor

Heather is the Editor of ‘Reflections’, an Elder and a member of the Communications and Outreach Committee; she also richly contributes to many other aspects of church and community life.

Deadline for submissions for the next issue

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