You are warmly invited to join us in the lounge on Sunday evenings at 6.00pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend these informal and ‘friendly user’ sessions. We aim to make all these sessions ‘stand-alone’ enabling you to take a full part in later sessions even if you are unable to come to the earlier ones.

Bible Study

We will continue with a series of five studies “Dangerous Stories – Exploring the Parables of Jesus”.  The Bible shows us again and again that God is on the side of the people at the edges.  But too often we forget that perspective.  These Bible studies are designed to help us read the parables of Jesus at the forefront of our minds.  We should discover that Jesus’ stories have a lot to say about our economic systems and how we relate to one another.  They challenge us to get alongside the people who are on the margins of society and speak out for justice.  They are “Dangerous stories”.                           


Discussions based on the young people’s Partnership creed of July 2018 will be held in October and November.  In December there will be a video on “The Making of the New Testament Canon” which will be followed by a discussion.  


Documentaries about Immigrant communities in Britain will continue.  

Our Program: 

Sunday Evening Gatherings

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Programme for Sunday Evening Gatherings

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