The Bookworm Group 2024

The Bookworm Group is the place to come if you like reading and a chance to reflect with others as well as having fun. Please who are interested in joining our Bookworm Group or would like further details please e-mail Barbara.

The Bookworm Group was formed in 1988 by Ray Adams, our minister at the time, with church members who love to read. The rationale was that people who belong to a church need to have a better idea of what and how people outside the church think, especially if they want to interact constructively with the modern world.

Since its foundation the Book Group has convened approximately every six weeks to discuss a book. Through the years its members have been introduced to new authors, books, as well as new countries and cultures outside western culture. Occasionally the Book Group has returned to a literature classic, only to discover how contemporary its themes and concerns are.

The size of the Book Group has stayed stable at approximately nine people through the years. Once every year they meet to suggest books for the following twelve months, so that every person usually contributes one book for the reading list.

The reading list for 2024 will be listed here once it become available:

Meeting DateBookAuthor

People note that meeting dates are subject to change with revisions (if any) shown above.

For a more detailed list with a summary of each book please see below: (these books are available from Croydon Libraries which is part of London Library Consortium) and can be ordered free of charge on line at: 

To explore the wide range of books and other library materials available (over 6 million items across the London Consortium) please click on the button below.

You will need to be a member of the London Library Consortium (your library membership will work across all libraries that are part of the LLC (more details on how to join can be seen on-line).  

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