The prayer for August from CFL’s Prayer Partners 2019

A Restless Hope

Do not give us rest, Lord
while people are hungry and we are rich.
As long as justice is a dream
press us on and do not give us rest.

Do not give us peace, Lord
while people live in fear and we are safe.
As long as hatred stifles love
stir us up and do not give us peace.

Do not give us comfort, Lord,
while people are desperate
and we are well.
As long as lives are lived in pain
disturb us and do not give us comfort.

But give us hope to share, O Christ,
hope that disturbs and stirs and shakes,
the hope of Job,
the hope of the lame,
a hope of new life
beyond the pain.
Until all find comfort
and peace and rest
Christ, give us hope to share.

Francis Brienen   from ‘A Restless Hope’ Prayer Handbook 1995

Heather Park

Author: Heather

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