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The prayer for May from CFL’s Prayer Partners

We never seem to have enough time

Where does it go?

How can such a precious commodity slip so swiftly through our fingers?

Time to work,

Time to play,

Time to laugh,

Time to love.

We fall between the moments that separate the tick from the tock.

We leak time like air from a flat tyre.

One moment there and then its gone

and we have so much to do,

so much life to live,

and every activity takes a few more of those priceless seconds.

Those golden minutes,

those sparkling, blissful hours.

We’re racing headlong into eternity.

Help us Lord to still our footsteps.

Take the time to consider what’s important.

Before I finish speaking another child will die as a direct result of poverty.

Help me to put the chaos of my life into perspective,

Help me to find time to be still and seek your will,

Help me, Lord, to stand beside those who leak blood and sweat and tears

as time pours out of them like an ocean.


For time is precious and should be used wisely.

© C Mead


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