World Suicide Prevention Day

Today (10 September) marks World Suicide Prevention Day – a global initiative to raise awareness and help prevent death by suicide.

This is a difficult and challenging topic for some people to talk about – but we need to be more open about suicide. Increasing awareness, being direct and having open conversations will address the stigma and help people feel more able to open up about how they’re feeling. 

Suicide prevention eLearning

The Zero Suicide Alliance has published free eLearning, available to everyone, to help them support someone in crisis. The 20 minute module is designed to help you build skills and confidence in how to:

  • See the warning signs that someone may be thinking about taking their own life
  • Learn what to say the right thing and that it’s OK to use the word ‘suicide’
  • Know where to signpost a person to for appropriate help – taking them to hospital or simply sharing a weblink to the right support.

Source: The Zero Suicide Alliance / LBC

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