Friday Club for Children of all ages

We meet at Purley United Reformed Church once every half term, between 5 – 7pm in the church hall.

The club is for children of any age and their parents/carers.

Each time we meet we have a theme and the bible story and activities are based on this.

The evening starts with the children playing with toys including Duplo, dolls, puzzles, marble run and games. We then gather together, introduce the theme and read a short story which is followed by a bible story, both linked to the theme.

We have a club song ‘Jesus love is very wonderful’ which we sing each time and often learn another action song too.

Next the children can have a go at the activities, again linked to the theme. They are also able to continue playing with the toys if they wish and help themselves to a drink and biscuit or some fruit.

We end the evening with a time of reflection and prayer.

Friday Club is enjoyed not only by the children but the adults too; we encourage parents and carers to stay, as this is a club for all the family.

Please contact Jill Berry if you would like more information and find out when we next meet.

Jill’s contact details are:  020 8681 2990 –