ZIMBABWE – Newsletter – posted June 2013

Knowledge is Power — June 2013

Roses Moyo is a 62 year old grandmother and is the caretaker of the Silikwana nutrition garden in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe, a project set up by Christian Aid partner, the Dabane Trust. The Dabane Trust help communities to sustain themselves by helping them to build dams with pumps and water tanks to extract and supply water to community nutrition gardens where they can grow food to feed their families.

Roses lives with her husband, 5 children and 2 grandchildren but has a further 7 children who have already left home. She sustains her family with food from the garden, including onions, pumpkins, tomatoes and maize, and also by a little money she makes from sewing school uniforms.

There are still some challenges for Roses and her community. Working the heavy pump which supplies water to the garden is hard and sometimes rainfall is so low that even with the pump, there is not enough water to sustain all the crops. Roses works hard though and says “I work so hard that not a day goes by where I am not able to provide my family with a proper meal”. Education is also really important to her and she sews school uniforms and dresses to make extra money to send her children to school. When asked why this was so important she said because “knowledge is power. With an education, I know my grandchildren will be able to take care of themselves even when I’m gone”.

In the future she would like her sewing project to grow and to have enough money to be able to build a kiosk in her homestead where she could sell the school uniforms, vegetables, sheets and dresses.



David Wiggs

Author: David Wiggs

I am the webmaster for Purley United Reformed Church and have been involved with the church since my late teens. I work in Croydon and live in Caterham.

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