Partnership Peace Prayer

Partnership Peace Prayer – September 2016


The following prayer was used in the services in all the Partnership churches on our Partnership Sunday, Sunday 4th September 2016.

It was written this year by the Revd. Kari Nicewander, the minister at Immanuel Congregational Church, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


‘God of vibrant purple sunsets,

sparkling blue seas,

flowers busting with brilliant orange blossoms,

you create colour.


In human beings, as well, we see the marks of your artwork:

eyes of blue and green and brown and black, amber, hazel, and violet:

skin of so many hues:

hair that flows, hair that curls, hair that no longer grows.

Different colours and shapes and sizes.

Each of us unique – each of us a product of your magnificent creativity.

Give us eyes to see, Loving God,

that every human being is beautiful.

Give us ears to hear, Loving God,

that every human being is your image.

Give us hearts to learn, Loving God

that every human being is a phenomenal creation.


And then work in us, and through us, Great Creator, that we might treat one another with




     and grace

Help us to work for peace

because we know that every single one of your children deserves to live in peace, as your beloved creation.

It is in you, and through you, and because of you, that we can find peace in our lives and in our world.

And so we give you thanks, as we lift up this prayer in your name’.




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