Serving Elders and Trustees

Serving Elders are appointed to serve on the Eldership for a period of 5 years. At the Church’s Annual General Meeting a ballot is held and two Elders are appointed from the membership who replace two Elders who have completed their 5 year period of service. Serving Elders are also Church Trustees.

Current Serving Elders are:

Jill Berry (2022); Alison Whittingham (2022)

Terry Whittaker (2023); Gillian Harrison (2023)

Janny Kay-Janssen (2024); Louise Willmer (2024)

Martin Day (2025); Alan Cownie (2025); Andrew Mander (2025)

Felicity Harris (2026); Clive Merritt (2026)

(Dates indicate the end of the period of service on the Elders’ Meeting)

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