An invitation to dance – a poem by June Plaice

Invited to Dance

I can’t remember exactly when I accepted –
Accepted His invitation to go dancing, that is –
But I’m so glad that I did…
Don’t think I’ve ever had such fun!
He showed me a really good time,
And I enjoyed every minute.:
Chatting and laughing with friends…
Networking,I suppose they call it now,
And, amazingly, not at all self-conscious.
Then the joy of  meeting up with past friends,
Thought lost in Time, but Here, Now! Wow….
So many intricate, irridescent  strands….
Hand over to another
In a Dance with no beginning, no ending
                         Learning new steps
                         Meeting new partners
Surrendering to the insistent ,upwards-surging Joy of Tubular Bells!
I’d no idea how good it could be;
Letting myself go and matching His steps,
I could dance really well.
He’d not told me it was a special occasion
When he invited me to be his partner that day:
Sitting out with yet another of his friends,
She was surprised I didn’t know –
It was his Ascension Day.

By June Plaice – a member of our church – May 2015

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