Memories are part of our lives, whether they are good or bad. At times all of us can be forgetful and this may be of specific matters or random ones.

I realise now that I can forget names, but over the past years for example in teaching and being part of many churches, I could recall the names and also the memories that happened years ago.

Recently I visited a friend in a nursing home, whom I have known for 40-50 years. We met in teaching and she was a concerned and dedicated teacher, and worked mostly as the Head of Special Needs. Her main subject was Mathematics.

She now has a very poor memory, and so it is difficult to have a conversation with her, without repetition.

I find that if I recall memories for her, from teaching, holidays shared, games played, like Scrabble and Upwords, that she usually won, she could engage for a short while and was pleased to be reminded.

The next day she did not remember I had been, but for that short time part of her brain was working. She had been very good doing crosswords, and sending them off in my name with the hope I would win the fountain pen. We never won, but the answers were always right. On my visit I decided to do a simple crossword with her, and she remembered some words and names, and when I asked her to spell them for me, she could do so perfectly.

Another way I have found to jolt her memory is to show her photos and pictures, probably of places we had visited, for example Steyning where we enjoyed the country side and the historic buildings.

Part of my friend has gone, but with encouragement for some brief moments she returns to share the memories of our lovely times together. For that I thank God.



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